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We're not trying to be all things to all people. If you decide to join, this is what you can expect and what we're looking for:

  • For the first few hours after you join and post a profile, you will be limited to browsing the site and member profiles.
  • You won't be allowed to contact members until a review of your profile is complete.
  • In order to have full access to the site, you'll need to accurately complete your profile.
  • Any pictures posted to your profile must be of you and must be current when you post them.
  • Your profile text is expected to tell members more about your fisting interest, experience and preferences. (Here are a few good examples)
  • New profiles that are not here for pumping are closed.
  • New profiles that aren't clear, remain under review until edited. If no edits are completed profiles are closed.
  • New profiles that have been successfully reviewed have full access to the site.

We're not for everyone, but if you're interested making your junk huge, Pumppig is a great place to connect with others looking to do the same.

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