Certified Pig

How do I certify a pig

First, and most importantly, hook up with the member. Once you've met a member and found him to be as advertised and someone you'd recommend as a good time to a buddy go back to his profile and click the circle with three dots under his profile picture, then click CERTIFY MEMBER from the list that wil appear. A window will open and you can add a comment about your certification then click OK and the deed is done.  Once your certification is approved by the member you've certified, it will be added to his public certifications.

What do I do when I get certified?

A message notifying you of the certification will be sent to you as soon as your certified. To activate or remove the certification click on My Lists from the top menu bar and then Who Certified Me from the drop down list.  When the Certifications page opens, click the Pending tab at the top and activate, reject or ignore certifications as you prefer.

To accept and post the certification to your profile click ACCEPT. If you haven't ever hooked up with the certifying member or you don't want to post this information to your profile click Reject and then click Delete to remove it from your profile.

What is a Certifed Pig?

The certified pig feature was added to help members have successful hookups. There have been complaints about some members being less than honest about themselves or not the sort of men you'd normally invite into your home. The vast majority of members are genuinely good guys just looking for a good time. If you've hooked up with a member, had a good time and would feel comfortable recommending him to a good friend, here's your chance. This is ONLY an option for members you've actually hooked up with. We give every member on the site full access to every tool you need to let another member know you want to hookup. Don't advertise to every member that you're a loser by using this feature to tell a member you'd like to hookup.

Delete Profile / Cancel Membership

How do I cancel an upgrade?

Use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the site to request cancellation of an upgrade subscription or contact the vendor you purchased the upgrade through -- Sharyland or Verotel. Three and six month upgrades don't renew and will expire automatically.

I deleted my profile. Can you restore it?

If you cancelled your account within the past year, you can log back on with your username and password to reactivate your account. If you asked us to close/delete your account, that was permanent. The account is gone.

I need to take a break, is there an option other than deleting my profile?

Yes. Click your screen name from the top menu bar. Click Profile Privacy from the drop down list. Check all of the Hide and Nobody check boxes. Contact us if you have an upgrade subscription to stop billing while you're not using the profile. After six months of inactivity, profiles are closed and closed profiles are purged after a year.

How do I ....?

Change my location

To change your location on the site: View your profile. Click the Edit link beside location. Enter the location in the box that appears.

We do auto detect your location when you log on and members do expect you to be where your profile says you are if you'e going to hookup with them.

Delete My Profile

Click your screen name from the top menu bar. Click Account Settings from the drop down menu. Click Cancel Account on the Account Status line. Your profile will be closed, but, you can reactivate it by logging in. If you don't log in again the account will be purged from the database in about 12 months. If you're certain you don't want to return, you can use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the site and request to have your account closed and removed. This is permanent and cannot be undone. You won't be able to rejoin with the same email address and the screen name will be blocked for at least a year.

Hide My Profile

If you don't want your profile to be seen by other members, by the members you've viewed, don't want members to see your view of their profile or you don't want to be on the birthday pig list. Click your screen name on the top menu bar and choose Profile Privacy from the drop down list. Check the Hide button beside the settings you want to change.

How do I share my private Pictures

If a member requests access to your private pictures, you'll find that request under My Lists / Private Access Requests / Pending. If you want to grant permission to members who haven't asked, click the three dot icon under the profile picture on every profile page. Then click the Unlock icon to share your pictures. If there isn't an unlock icon either you've already shared or you don't have private pictures to share.

Make My Profile Visible

Your profile will be visible on the communities you've opted to participate on automatically unless you've violated the sites' terms of use or have opted to hide your profile. To make sure your profile is listed on the site: View your Profile. Click the Manage Visible Communities link and make sure the checkbox beside the site you want to be on is checked. Note that if your profile doesn't have anything to do with nipples you will be removed from nippleplay. Nippleplay members don't log on to see greased gaping holes. If you know you're on the site make sure you haven't checked a box to hide your profile: Click your screen name on the top menu bar. Click Profile Privacy from the drop down list and make sure no Hide checkboxes are filled.

Remove Permission to Private Pictures

If you've given permission to your private pictures to members you don't want to share the permission with anymore: 

·         Click My Lists from the top menu bar.

·         Click Private Access Requests from the drop down list.

·         Click the Granted tab at the top of the page.

·         Remove permissions from this screen

Mailbox Questions

How do I stop emails from the site?

Click your screen name on the top menu bar and choose Account Settings from the drop down list.

Click Change Settigns for the Notification Settings line.

Click to Disable any of the notifications you don't want to receive.


How many messages can I send

We no longer count messages sent.  If you're a free member you can start up to 15 conversations a day.  That translates to 15 new messages you can send in any 24 hour period.  You can message back and forth as nuch as you need with the members who reply to you or members you reply to.

To get the most out of this try reading the profile you're messaging and send a message tailored to the interests of the member you're messaging.  That's more likely to start a conversation.  You're welcome to send 15 messages of "Hi" if you like, but don't expect that to get you anything.

Members who have purchased a membership upgrade are not limited in the number of conversations they can start.

I'm not receiving message notifications from the site

First, make sure that message notifications are being sent: Click your screen name from the top menu bar. Choose Account Settings from the drop down list. Click Notifications Settings are enabled for all the message types you want to receive. Fixes for the most common issues are listed below. How to include Asspig.com, Nippleplay.com, PumpPig.com, 4skinPig.com, UniformPig.com or sharylandinternet.net email address in your whitelist. You want to add Support@.com Sometimes email providers have strict junk filters, flagging the wrong messages and putting them in SPAM folders. To ensure that email from us reaches your inbox (i.e. not deleted or moved to your junk mail folder), add our email address to your accepted senders list by following the instructions below. Just check out how to add us to your "whitelist" and ensure that you don't miss a single message. Your email program / How to add us to your... AOL 9.0 / "People I know" List Earthlink / Address Book Gmail / Contacts Hotmail / Safe List MSN version 9 / Safe List Outlook 2003 / Address Book Verizon / Safe List Yahoo! / Add to your address book. If you find it in the Bulk Mail folder, click on the link "This is not Spam." After that it will come to your Inbox. Other spam filters / Whitelist

Where are my messages?

You can access messages by clicking Conversations on the top menu bar or on the Left side of the Home screen under your profile picture.

Member Security

Don't send money

Times are hard for a lot of people, but this should be obvious. Unless you know the member personally outside of this community and know that there is a genuine need, don't send money. If you're asked to send money by a member on this site, use the Report User link to let us know. Maybe the member really is in trouble and needs help, but normally the same plea is going out to 15 other members (the maximum number of messages a free member can send) Help us to stop the scam, just report the user.

Don't share your email address with strangers

We spend more time and energy monitoring and removing scam profiles than any other task related to operating the sites. Nevertheless, scammers do post profiles and sometimes they can send messages. Many scammers will contact you and ask for a reply to their email address in the initial message. Don't do it. You have access to email, chat and IM here even if you're a free member. Until you're comfortable that the member you've been contacted by is a real person and who he says he is keep your contact limited to this site to protect your privacy. To help you determine whether the member you're interacting with is genuine we provide the following resources for you: Check the member's profile and see how long he's been a member. If he joined today that may be an indication of problems. If you're an upgraded member check his profile to see where he's logged in from. This isn't 100 percent all the time, but if he says he's from Columbus OH and his profile shows he was logged in last from Manila Philippines click the Report User link and we'll make a determination. Read his profile - If he says he's 6' 1" and weights 80 pounds with a 40" waist something is wrong. Look for Pig Certifications at the bottom of his profile. If he's been with guys you know or guys like you and they liked, you may as well. Share your Flakes list with your friends on the site and get them to share theirs with you. Add members to your Flakes list when you have a bad experience and check your friends' lists to see if they've had problems with this member in the past.

Looking to get fucked up will get you fucked over

If you're on the site looking to get jacked up, or you're only into this stuff when your fucked up, your membership will be canceled soon enough. If you manage to hook up before we cancel your membership, don't be surprised if you have problems. It's Darwininan. You've just told any predator on the site that you're prey. Maybe you'll get fucked tonight, but in the morning your wallet and drugs will be gone.

Member Security

This site was designed to act as a community where like minded men from all over could come together. For many members that is how the site is perceived and used. Unfortunately one of the disadvantages of a large community is that not everyone is here for the same reason you're here for. There have been reports of members being taken advantage of by other members invited into their homes after meeting here. There have also been reports of new members attempting to launch scams on the site among members. For many of us, this is the only place we can come to find men like ourselves. It's a remarkable thing to meet someone who shares the same interests. When the opportunity arises for you to hookup with a pig you met here don't suspend all of the precautions you would normally exercise when meeting someone at a bar, the gym or on the street. Beyond the possiblity of financial loss, remember that many of us are into activities that can be dangerous with a partner who's inexperienced or in an altered state. You're looking for an amazing experience, take a few minutes to be sure you're both on the same page. While you're at it make sure everyone understands and can abide by the same rules.

Membership Upgrades

How do I cancel my Verotel Upgrade

It's much easier to ask us to cancel your Verotel upgrade. If you want to cancel yourself, go to www.vtsup.com You'll need the User code and Pass code that Verotel sent you when you initially upgraded in order to cancel.

Where is the Mail In upgrade form?

If you currently have an upgrade, you won't see the upgrade page until two weeks before your current upgrade expires. If you want to mail payment in and would like to use the form, you can download it here -- https://static2.fbuds.net/img/upgrade_form.pdf

New Member Questions

I just joined but can't message members.

New member profiles can't send messages until we've reviewed the profile. The process is normally complete within three hours of joining. If it's been longer check the email you used to register the account. If your profile isn't complete you won't have full access until you've completed your profile.

I just joined but haven't gotten the confirmation email.

First, check your spam folder. For reasons we don't understand, new mail from AssPig.com ends up in the spam folder a lot. You can correct this by adding support@asspig.com or whichever site you joined to your email contacts. If the message isn't in your spam folder, log into your account here and confirm that you entered the email address is correct. If both of the above have been done, make sure that you've added the support@whichever site you joined.com to your email contacts, then log on and resend the message. We can't make your email service accept and deliver messages to you. We can confirm that the message has gone out. You'll need to contact your email service for any troubleshooting beyond that.

Profile Pictures

How do I remove permission to see my private pictures

You can delete permissions from the My Lists / Private Access Requests / Granted screen. Click Deny.

How do I share my Private Pictures

If a member requests access to your private pictures, you'll find that request under My Lists / Private Access Requests / Pending. If you want to grant permission to members who haven't asked, click the three dot icon under the profile picture on every profile page. Then click the Unlock icon to share your pictures. If there isn't an unlock icon either you've already shared or you don't have private pictures to share.

Profile Setup Questions

I received a message that my profile is incomplete.

There are several issues that will generate these messages.  Our goal is to connect men who share a common interest.  That's easier when members post what they're into.  If you have nothing to post, members probably aren't going to be interested.

  • "Your profile headline is incomplete."  -- Means your headline is incomplete.  Your headline is not the same as your screen name.  This is a hookup site.  Everyone knows you're looking, curious and would welcome a HMU.  Subtle doesn't work here.  You've posted a profile in a fetish focused hookup site.  All anyone wants know is what about fisting are you into on AssPig?  What about nipples led you to NipplePlay.  What and how do you pump for PumpPig?  Do you have foreskin or want to play with foreskin on 4skinPig? Are you a pup or handler on RuffPup? And, what gear do you need to have on to get off?  If you can't come up with anything but "Looking", you've wasted your time, our time and it would be a waste of members' time if we let them see your profile.  If you want to use the site, come up with a headline that gives members a reason to reach out to you.
  • "Your profile text is blank or incomplete."  As above, say something about what you're doing here and looking for as it relates to the fetish focus of the site you joined.  "Later", "To Be Completed" and NA are not options.
  • "The profile you've posted is incomplete."  Confirm that the text and preference checkboxes are complete on the fetish fields of your profile.  If you haven't checked the fetish preferences, your profile will be invisible to members looking for Fisting Bottoms/Tops/Vers on Asspig or Experienced cock pumpers looking for buddies to pump with on PumpPig.  If you're profile doesn't reflect an interest compatible or attractive to other members, your profile will be closed.
  • "Your profile is incomplete."  You've posted your profile to a XYZ fetish community"  Each of our sites is tailored to a specific niche of fetish interest.  If you don't have an interest in that fetish, this isn't going to be the site for you.  You have an opportunity to review and update your profile if the omission was an error.  If your profile isn't updated or the profile remains unedited, the account will be closed.

Screen name / Username changes

Username Change

You can change your screen name one time, if your account is upgraded. Let us know what you want to change to. If the name is available we'll make the change and confirm with you or let you know the name isn't available. This is not an action we take when the site is busy. The change will be made at a low volume time.

Video Upload

How many videos can I post?

You can post up to ten videos.  Free members can watch the first minute of your primary video.  Members with upgraded access can watch all of your videos.

What kind of video can I post?

You can post anything related to your interest on this community with the following caveats: You must be the subject of any video you post. You must have the consent of anyone else in your video to post the video. No commercial videos are allowed. No promotion, depiction or conduct of illegal activity is allowed in any video you post. No scat, body elimination, violence, racist content or weapons related  video will be allowed.

Who can see posted videos?

Any member with an upgrade can view approved videos. We don't have an option for Private videos.  Free members can see the first minute of the video you've set a primary on your profile for that site.  You can have a specific video set for your primary on NipplePlay and another on PumpPig if you're on multiple sites.

Why was my Profile Closed?

Credit Card Fraud

Free members are always welcome and no one is ever required to purchase an upgrae.  Nevertheless, you purchased a membership upgrade and then your payment was reported as credit card fraud.  We try to make payments as easy as possible.  You won't see AssPig or NipplePlay on your credit card statement.  We tell you on the site, the charge will be from Sharyland.  We send you a receipt from Sharyland and we put a confirmation message in your mailbox on the site confirming the charge and reminding you of the charge from Sharyland.  This is an adult hookup site, not a daycare.  We can't pin a note on your sleeve for your mother.

Accidents happen.  If the charge is reported as fraud, we will contact you and give you an opportunity to correct the record with your credit card issuer.  If you fail to do that, your purchase is refunded, the site is charged a $25 penalty for the fraudulent charge and our cost of processing credit cards increases.  As a result, we NEVER want another credit card number from you and you will NEVER be allowed to join the site again.

What can you do about it?  Leave us and the site alone so that we can focus on the members who matter.

Drug Focused Profiles are closed.

Our goal is to connect members with the greatest overlap in interests.  We don't judge.  Yes, there are questions on your profile about PNP.  If you can't post a profile without making sure readers know exactly what drugs and how you like them administered, your account has been closed.  If you send unsolicted messages to members referencing drugs and those messages are reported, your account has been closed.

Fake or stolen pictures were posted.

Only pictures with you in them can be posted to your profile.  Illustrations, copyrighted images, animations and pictures clearly not you will result in membership suspension.

Offensive / threatening behavior.

Complaints about your profile or messages to members have been made. We confirmed the behavior and your account has been closed.


Why isn't my profile visible?

Your profile will be visible on the communities you've opted to participate on automatically unless your profile is incomplete or you've opted to hide your profile.

To make sure your profile is listed on the site: Click the Online Now link and your profile should be the first one on the list. If it's not several factors could be the cause. You can check almost all of them by: Viewing your profile - click your screen name from the top menu bar. Click Edit Profile and the click the  Communities tab at the top of the screen and make sure the checkbox beside the site you want to be on (and particularly the site you are logged on) is checked. Note that if your profile doesn't have anything to do with nipples you will be removed from nippleplay. Nippleplay members don't log on to see greased gaping holes.

Click on your screen name on the top menu bar again and choose Profile Privacy. Make sure you haven't checked a box to hide your profile. 

Need help?

If you still can't find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at for help and support.
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