FAQ - How do I ....?

Change my location

To change your location on the site: View your profile. Click the Edit link beside location. Enter the location in the box that appears.

We do auto detect your location when you log on and members do expect you to be where your profile says you are if you'e going to hookup with them.

Remove Permission to Private Pictures

If you've given permission to your private pictures to members you don't want to share the permission with anymore: 

·         Click My Lists from the top menu bar.

·         Click Private Access Requests from the drop down list.

·         Click the Granted tab at the top of the page.

·         Remove permissions from this screen

Make My Profile Visible

Your profile will be visible on the communities you've opted to participate on automatically unless you've violated the sites' terms of use or have opted to hide your profile. To make sure your profile is listed on the site: View your Profile. Click the Manage Visible Communities link and make sure the checkbox beside the site you want to be on is checked. Note that if your profile doesn't have anything to do with nipples you will be removed from nippleplay. Nippleplay members don't log on to see greased gaping holes. If you know you're on the site make sure you haven't checked a box to hide your profile: Click your screen name on the top menu bar. Click Profile Privacy from the drop down list and make sure no Hide checkboxes are filled.

Hide My Profile

If you don't want your profile to be seen by other members, by the members you've viewed, don't want members to see your view of their profile or you don't want to be on the birthday pig list. Click your screen name on the top menu bar and choose Profile Privacy from the drop down list. Check the Hide button beside the settings you want to change.

Delete My Profile

Click your screen name from the top menu bar. Click Account Settings from the drop down menu. Click Cancel Account on the Account Status line. Your profile will be closed, but, you can reactivate it by logging in. If you don't log in again the account will be purged from the database in about 12 months. If you're certain you don't want to return, you can use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the site and request to have your account closed and removed. This is permanent and cannot be undone. You won't be able to rejoin with the same email address and the screen name will be blocked for at least a year.

How do I share my private Pictures

If a member requests access to your private pictures, you'll find that request under My Lists / Private Access Requests / Pending. If you want to grant permission to members who haven't asked, click the three dot icon under the profile picture on every profile page. Then click the Unlock icon to share your pictures. If there isn't an unlock icon either you've already shared or you don't have private pictures to share.

Need help?

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