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Common Profile Picture Questions

Why doesn't my picture show up on my profile? Every picture uploaded has to be approved before it will show up on your profile.

I received an email that my picture was approved but it still doesn't show up on my profile You probably didn't set a primary picture for your profile when you uploaded the picture. To correct this go back to Upload Photos from the My Account screen. You should see a check box and the site names for each site your profile is active on beside the pictues you've uploaded. You need to check the box beside the picture you want to be your primary picture and then press the Set Default button beneath that picture. You can and probably should choose different pictures for the different sites you participate on. Nippleplay members are not interested in seeing your rosebud.

I'm clicking on the Gallery button but nothing happens and I have an upgraded membership.Many security applications can and will interfere with your access to member galleries. Norton Internet Security will intermittently prevent the gallery from opening. Zone Alarm will keep the photos from loading so all you see is a black box, many popup blockers will prevent the gallery window from opening. If you click on the Gallery button and you don't get the screen prompting you to upgrade but nothing happens the problem is your security settings. This is a problem at your end and the only advice we can offer is to disable every security application you have running and make sure your browser settings are at default settings. Make sure the gallery window is working for you and then turn applications on until you've identified the cause of the problem and adjust your settings on that application.

I have McAfee and no pictures are displaying on the site. How do I fix it? Right click on McAfee Icon (Red M) next to clock, lower right hand side of screen Go to Options Go to Privacy Service Click on "Allow List" Tab Add sites you want to allow in this format: www.asspig.com Then click on the "Block Ads" Tab If checked with Green Checkmarks....unclick both of the items appearing there Then click apply. Then either "X" out or click "OK" depending on the version you are using. You may have to then restart your browser for the changes to take effect.

How do I share my Private Pictures

If a member requests access to your private pictures, you'll find that request under My Lists / Private Access Requests / Pending. If you want to grant permission to members who haven't asked, click the three dot icon under the profile picture on every profile page. Then click the Unlock icon to share your pictures. If there isn't an unlock icon either you've already shared or you don't have private pictures to share.

How do I remove permission to see my private pictures

You can delete permissions from the My Lists / Private Access Requests / Granted screen. Click Deny.

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